Happiness is…

IMG_0630…a shower curtain.  One of the ways that enable us to live as cheaply as we do and to manage the finances that are partners so graciously give to us, is for Tywonn to be the guesthouse manager for a mission agency in Accra.  A guesthouse manger is someone who takes cares of a large compound consisting of many rooms that missionaries from various mission agencies stay in anywhere from one night to six months.  This job although not dealing with nursing has allowed us to get by on less.

In our new apartment that we moved into about two weeks ago from the missionary couple who did the paintings (they left to return to The States), we found some items have needed repairing.  The first thing I noticed is the shower as it leaks and has no shower curtain.  If you don’t know, a lack of a shower curtain equals water all over the flow, which in turn leads to the person taking a shower in said bathroom mopping up the water after shower has been taken. Two words: Not Fun!

But there is hope.  We’ve had someone over this morning fixing our bathroom.  The faucet no longer leaks and we are getting a shower curtain rods installed.  Like I’ve always said, its the little things in life that make life so enjoyable.



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  1. andersondavidp

    Quicker showers would put less water on the floor and not require as much mopping.

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