Happiness is…

421515239xmckAT_fsa washer that works.

White clothes.  Most of you back in the modern world put your whites in the wash dirty and then expect them to come out clean when the cycle is finished.  What a grand idea.  Well, since we’ve been here that’s not been the case.  In fact, our washer makes the whites even dirtier.  Imagine that selling point.

But the guesthouse in which we are staying has just bought a brand new Whirlpool at the local superstore called Game.  And now after our first wash of white, we have whites.  Not streaked whites.  Not polka dotted whites.  Just plain ol’ white clothes.

I continue to discover that its the little things that make life good when you’re living away from home, kinda like the grits and eggs I ate this morning.


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