Just a Teaser

IMG_0673As many of you know by our absence on facebook that we have been gone almost a full work week.  Although, this blog isn’t going to regale you with all the happenings of the week, it will tease you about what’s to come.

We stayed at a quaint little beach resort called Anomabo for our seventh anniversary.  It’s about two hours west of Accra.  Word is that the further west one travels out of Accra the better the beaches get.  If Anomabo is indicative of this, well then I can’t wait to get to Axim or Busua.

This place was perfect, except for not having internet to make ya’ll jealous.  We had a bungalow right on the beach.  No, I mean we walked out our front door and saw the beach, touched the water, breathed the salt air.  We were close.  It was picturesque and beautiful.  I would tell you how much all this little trip cost, but I would hate to make you jealous.

Things to come in upcoming blog posts:

  • Cape Coast Castle–A look back at the prominent slave history of Ghana
  • Kakoum Canopy Walk–Trapsing through the forest at 100ft high.
  • Coconut Grove–For all you parrotheads out there–and I know some of you who read this blog!!

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