Many shells remind me of Cayo Costa Island

Many shells remind me of Cayo Costa Island

Well, I’m sitting in Accra recovering from the beach–if one can recover from such a peaceful relaxing place.  Anomabo, for all you wanting to know, is a little town right on the Gulf of Guinea.  It is about two hours west of Accra, the capital of Ghana.

Our drive out to this diminutive town was somewhat stressful as is most of the time driving in Ghana.  You have to watch out for tro-tros, motorcycles, other cars, people selling stuff in the middle of the street, police stops, and farm animals–sheep, goats, chickens, cows, etc.  As we ventured further and further out of Accra the scenery took on a deep green that has been brought on by the rainy season.

That was the one thing I prayed for while we were gone: No Rain.  Well, I didn’t get all my wishes granted, but almost.  The days were beautiful with streaked skys, bubbly clouds, and great sun.  When the sun went down our path to our beach from rooms were lit by the moon or the firelight from the oil rig just offshore.  That just makes you want to go by a huge gas guzzler doesn’t it.

Anomabo will be remember for many things, but most of all it will be remembered because this is where Tywonn and I celebrated our seven years together.  It hasn’t always been easy, as marriages aren’t, but its getting better and better.



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2 responses to “Anomabo

  1. Charlene

    Great picture and great attitude. Your marriage really can keep getting better and better with every year. Believe me. 🙂 We’re celebrating #29 in August.

  2. mom

    I am so happy you celebrated your 7th. ann. It does continue to get better just communitcate often. Love you both. Mom P.S. I hope your back gets better Alan

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