Cape Coast

When they went out this door there was no coming back.

When they went out this door there was no coming back.

One of the day trips that we took while vacationing at Anomabo was to a place called Cape Coast.  Much of this area can be found in the Central Region of Ghana.  It is famous or the slave trade that took place here.  In addition to the Cape Coast castle we showed a picture of Elmina Castle yesterday in our Wordless Wednesday post.

The castle is huge!  When we walked in they had been struck by the tourism plague as there were shops lining the inside walls with trinkets and nicknacks.  We then took a guided tour around the castle showing particular items of interest.  I’m not going to go into much detail here, but suffice it to say that the people who were in slavery here did not live well or die well, for that matter.

Many people place all the blame on the white people of that day, but history shows that the Asante people of Ghana played a part as well.  This was an interesting fact pointed out on the tour by Ghanaians.  Whether by whites or their own people, Ghanaians in that day and time suffered immensely.  I felt the same way I did when I walked around the grounds of 9/11: Spooked and humbled


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