Other Tales from Vacation

DSC00820Ok, I promise this will be the last tale spoken about our trip to Anomabo.  All in all the time was a great time to relax and rejuvenate.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have been in Ghana about two and a half months; but we have been gone from home almost seven months.  I think in some ways this helped me to weather the seven month exhaustion.

So, no other place to go for some parrot head like myself than to Coconut Grove.  No, not the one in South Florida.  The one in Elmina, right next to Cape Coast.  Its called Coconut Grove: Elmina.  We were given some good hints about this being a nice place to grab a bite to eat while we were out.  Were we ever given great advice. Food was great; scenery was even better.  (Sorry for the absence of scenery pics, but like a elementary kid forgetting his homework, I, too, forgot my camera at our hotel.)

Also, it was neat to see those superstars who have visited this little coastal paradise.  The likes of Will Smith, Lennox Lewis’ mom, Kofi Annan, etc.  Its a little expensive for out taste to stay overnight.  But a great place to visit and maybe hit the pool for a variety instead of the ocean.


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