Bad Back and Crowns

rmcn92lWe’ve all had ’em.  We all want ’em.  What do we do with ’em.  What I am talking about? Ailments.  Sickness.  Illness. Disease. Medical Disorder.  Condition.  Affliction.  Malady.  Physical Complaint.  Infirmity.

Well, that’s what I (Alan) has.  First the back.  As many of you know, I had back surgery almost a year ago.  A neurosurgeon in Orlando gave me a discectomy.  Since that surgery I have been having mild pain in my back.  Not an encouragement, to say the least.  I took some different medications along the way, and even thought about going back in for another MRI before we left for Africa, but decided against it.  My first month in Africa proved to be the same.  Mild back pain that a few pills couldn’t solve.  But after I returned from Senegal, I experienced a new and better form of back pain.  The shooting kind that goes all over your back.  And I don’t know what happened to cause this agony.

The second infirmity that has struck is the loss of a tooth crown.  I had this gold crown put in almost 10 years ago in Plant City, FL.  It fell out on the final day of our vacation (I know I wasn’t going say any more about our vacation…).  I kept putting it back in, but it kept falling off the tooth, until one day I swallowed it by accident while eating.  Who knows if it ever came out, because I ain’t looking.  Recently, I’ve gone to a jungle dentist in a tiki hut.  Just kidding.  I went to a great Nigerian dentist in Accra and am waiting for a new gold crown to be made.  Hopefully, it will be done in the next two weeks.

So, yes, I seem to be falling apart.  But no worries.  The back thing isn’t hurting as bad these days, but we might make a trip back to the States in December to get a medical opinion.  Pray for us as we make these decisions about my medical care.



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5 responses to “Bad Back and Crowns

  1. Alan,
    Mark and I are both praying for God to heal you from this Chronic Back Pain!

    • Charlene

      Sorry about your back AND your tooth, Alan. Bummer. I hadn’t realized you had had surgery. We will pray for you guys to know what’s best to do and for relief.

      And you aren’t getting old … yet. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your prayers about the back. It is all in God’s timing, for sure!

  3. Rob

    Dude, you need to look for that tooth. It’s gold man, gold!

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