Trip to Togo

As I mentioned in last night’s query for financial partnership, I am heading to Togo next Friday.  Briefly, when we entered Ghana, we were given a six month multiple entry visa.  This means we are allowed to come and go from Ghana as we please.  The only caveat being is that when we leave our passports are stamped again with either a 30 day or 60 day stamp.  This means that we can remain in Ghana for either of those amounts of days until we have to leave and come back.  So, I am at that point because of my trip to Senegal.  Tywonn is free of this because she hasn’t left Ghana.  All this makes my head spin…

So, a week from today, I’m headed to Lome (pronounced Lo may) which is right across the Togolese border.  I’ll hang out there for a few hours and then head back into Ghana.  That’s what the process looks like so that I can stay in Ghana.  Our hope is that I don’t have to make this trip again until I leave for Kenya in September.  Let’s hope and pray.


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