Have You Ever Tried Lychees?

The eating process from beginning to end

The eating process from beginning to end

The other day I traveled to a different part of Accra to speak to a doctor about a little boy at the orphanage.  On my way back from the Police Hospital, I caught a ride to a major intersection called 37.  This intersection has a lot going on.  There is the 37 Military Hospital, a large tro-tro and taxi stop, a supermarket called Max Mart, and a few large fruit and vegetable stands.  I could do a little grocery shopping and then easily catch 1 tro-tro home for 25 pesewas (roughly 17 cents).

The fruit and vegetable stands are much larger and often have some items available that aren’t found at the stands near my home.  I took advantage of the opportunity to look for some fresh fruit or vegetable that we don’t have everyday.  I quickly saw that they had pears (I’m talking about the fruit, not an avocado), something I haven’t seen or eaten since back in the US.  As my mouth watered, I asked the price, but thought that 1 cedi (70 cents) per piece of the small fruit was too much.  With disappointment, I continued to eye the other options.  I wasn’t finding anything tempting, and then something caught my eye.  One of the sellers squeezed something open and a buyer popped it into her mouth.  I stopped and stared (something I usually try not to do, but today I was really curious).  When the buyer turned her head in my direction, I asked her if it was good.  She said it was, but I still had doubts because she hadn’t smiled or anything.  I hung around waiting for someone to be free to help me.  I asked about the small fruit the lady had tried and said that I’d never eaten it.  The seller picked up a small, pink ball with spikes and squeezed it open.  A translucent white fruit inside was revealed.  It resembled the inside of a grape in color and texture, only bigger.  I popped the whole thing into my mouth and was pleasantly surprised by the mild, sweet taste.  It took a little chewing to get the flesh off of the pit.  I asked the price and found I could get 5 for 1 cedi.  I said I would like 1 cedi’s worth.  She gave me a dash, throwing in a 6th piece of the fruit, in addition to the one I had already tried.  When I asked the name of it, the seller declared “lychee” (lee’-chee).  Alan and I enjoyed them so much, that I’ll purchase more if I see them again.

Have you ever tried Lychees?  If so, what are your thoughts about this fabulous fruit?




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3 responses to “Have You Ever Tried Lychees?

  1. Jennifer Creamer

    I too have just been introduced to lychees. The little Vietnamese/Cambodian ladies that clean on the night shift had some at their lunch table one night and being the food voyer that I am, I had to inquire about what they were. The ladies brought me two baggies with 6 lychee each. What a a treat! I’m a pretty good guinea pig when it comes to food. I remember one night several years ago they were eating the root or seed of a water lily and of course I had to try that too. Quite tasty but not as yummy as the lychee I now crave!

  2. I was in Madagascar during lychee season — Had so many by the time I left that I was sick of them! The skin isn’t super appealing, but underneath, a juicy treasure!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a great comment about word choice. Glad you left a note because it led me to your blog! I’m always up for reading about Africa.

    • Its great reading your blog as well. I’m a Floridian through and through and have thought about doing a non-fiction book on similarities between West & Central Africa and Florida. They really are congruent from their food to their people. Thanks for giving me some ideas.

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