If I Left Today…

15secentlogo_sizedFirst, this is going to be a somber blog post as if you couldn’t tell by the title.  Second, I/WE ARE NOT LEAVING!

The whole thought goes something like this: If I left today, would I have made a difference?  I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately.  Sure, I’ve done a lot of counseling while I’ve been here.  Let me count the ways:

  • Bullying.
  • Death
  • Robbery
  • Transition Home
  • Burnout
  • Substance Abuse

In addition, I’ve done two interpersonal skills workshops working with missionaries from around the globe.  In the little time that I’ve been in Ghana this is quite a repertoire.  But somehow this still left me feeling a little empty.  I mean there are other very competent counselors and psychologists with whom I work that could have done any one of the above cases as good or better than me.

Then the other day Tywonn and I went to meet with a Ghanaian couple who was doing a medical missions trip outside Accra.  During this conversation, I mentioned that there were still some openings in this interpersonal skills workshop we did in Accra.  This side dialogue took about 15 seconds.  Long story short, but she ended up coming to the workshop, saying it was a divine appointment for her to have come so that she could resolve some of the tragic grief that has recently taken place in her life.

God has brought to my mind that it is in these small 15 second interactions that He resides, not the events and jobs that we do, generally speaking.  So, yes, I think I could leave today knowing that I made a difference, a 15 second difference that will last a lifetime.



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2 responses to “If I Left Today…

  1. Roy Young

    Made my other comment before reading your blog[?] Couldn’t agree with you more. After 27yrs of ministry, the ’15 seconds’ of God doing something thru me have always accomplished more than all my efforts done in my ability. And it lets me know He loves me and will glorify Himself in my life in spite of me. How wonderful when He uses me just because I’m ‘there’ and willing.

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