Budukrom’s Medical Concerns

The brown hair is the ringer for poor nutrition

The brown hair is the ringer for poor nutrition

During the medical outreach to Budukrom, several commonalities were noted among villagers.  A number of people complained of itchy eyes, although nothing visibly appeared wrong with their eyes.  The medical resident prescribed a medication to control the annoying itchy sensation.  However, the question is—what’s causing so many people to have itchy eyes?  This is something that the teams will try to identify during future visits.

Another health concern that was common among many of the people was poor nutrition.  We saw 2 children that are 1 ½ years old but the size of children less than a year old.  It turns out these children were only being breast-fed and still haven’t started eating solid foods.  We saw children with big bellies, thin arms, and thin legs.  A few kids had a whole head of reddish brown hair.  Some children were pale and anemic.  A few children also had dry, cracking skin on their legs.  All of these are signs of malnutrition.  By talking with some of the mothers, we discovered that although a variety of foods are available in the village, the villagers are not eating varied diets.  They just need some education on why it’s important to eat a variety of foods.  This will be a focus of a future outreach to this village.


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