A Rainy Season Lull

148528-the-end-of-the-rainy-season-in-the-north-wantugu-ghanaThe sun shows itself sparingly these days.  Why?  The rainy season which happens between June and July and September and October.  The first two months deliver the most rain, while the second are a mini me version.

When we arrived in Ghana it was h-o-t.  I would sit in our living room sweating.  There would be sweat coming from places where I didn’t know sweat glands existed.  When I would go to bed, I would sleep as spread out as possible not wanting any part of my body to touch another part.  We would go swimming at a local water hole where I would want to sleep if it had been allowed.  I would pray for the rainy season to arrive because I had heard rumor that it would cool down to the point where blankets would be necessary.  How glorious that would be!!

And they were right.  About a week ago, I awoke in the early dawn with a chill.  It probably wasn’t any more than 65 degrees, but since we have been living in the oven for a while, 65 degrees is cold.  We rarely run the ceiling fan because it would be freezing.  I’ve even walked around with long sleeve shirts on a time or two.  Our Ghanaian guards are beginning to look akin to Eskimos with all the clothing they wear.

But we are in August, the lull.  The first rainy season has come to an end and the second has yet to begin.  The sun has come out in spurts as it plays the childish game of hide and go seek.  I wish more than ever that the sun would mature and just come out and play.  The cooler weather is nice to sleep in, but here’s to longing for the weather to warm up in Ghana.



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5 responses to “A Rainy Season Lull

  1. Jerry Murphy

    It’s been a typical Florida summer with storms each day late in the afternoon but I long for Vernon’s word about that nip in the air. Congrats on hitting the mid-point of the time in Ghana.

    • I’m sure Ghanaian weather is as predictable as FL weather, but since we’re new, we’re learning.

      We’re excited about being almost half way through our time in Ghana. August 14th will be the official half way point.

      • Jerry Murphy

        You need to control your thunderstorms over there as a couple have gotten loose and wandered across the Atlantic. TD 2 is working hard to become the first named storm of the season. We could do without that.

      • Just trying to send a little African love your way.

  2. Dawnmarie

    LOL…your post reminds me of that old proverb.

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