Super Bowl Party in August

Super-Bowl-XLIII-Steelers-CardinalsI’m not much of a King James kinda Bible reader.  The language used is much too sophisticated for this Southern boy.  However, it has a verse in it that uses a word that describes missionaries: Peculiar.  The word comes out of I Peter 2:9.  Now, I’m almost positive that Simon Peter, the author of this letter, wasn’t thinking about missionaries having a Superbowl party in August in Ghana, when he used this word, but we’ll go with it anyway.  We live in a postmodern culture where subjectivity reigns, right?

Last night a group of 15 missionaries and missionary kids gathered at a missionary’s home to watch last year’s Superbowl: The Pittsburgh Steelers vs. The Arizona Cardinals.  One of the ladies I work with procured this game on dvd from her friend in the US.  I know this is strange.  Remember I used peculiar.  We did this SB party just like back in the US.  We had hamburgers, potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans (the British kind), brownies, ice cream, and salsa with banana chips doubling as tortilla chips.

It was great, all of us huddled around a tv watching a game most of us already knowing the winner.  We laughed at commercials we had already seen in January.  Some of those attending where getting a first glimpse at the game and commercials, though, because, well, the game is hard to watch unless you know people.  It struck me during the third quarter this word peculiar.  We had to be the only ones in the world watching the Superbowl in August.

So there we were, a bunch of peculiar missionaries watching the SB in August in Ghana.  Doesn’t that beat all.  What took the cake, was about two minutes left in the game–and the game was getting pretty interesting about this point–the dvd cut off.  That’s right.  It had played everything that was on the dvd.  No more.  Finished.  Kaput.  It was at this point, most of us in the room howled at the absurdity of it all.  We had gathered and planned a glorious SB party only to have the final two minutes and overtime cut off.

Yes, missionaries are a peculiar people.  Most definitely!



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3 responses to “Super Bowl Party in August

  1. Tim Austin

    FYI, it was 23-27 Steelers. Be sure to tell the “peculiar” others. 🙂

  2. Hey, but it was memorable and the company was great! 🙂

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