A Visit to the Hospital

So there hasn’t been a blog post in a while and some of you might be wondering what happened to the Davidsons.  Its easy: I was hospitalized on Wednesday.  The culprit: Malaria.  The symptoms began on Sunday with a dry hacking cough.  I thought that was weird in Africa.  I mean who would get a cold in Africa!  But by Monday afternoon I started to experience some light headedness and body aching all over.  I did a little research on the symptoms and thought I had malaria.  I started the treatment for malaria.  Tuesday morning I went to a local lab to get blood work done in hopes of confirming or denying the existence of this dastardly thing.  The tests came back negative for malaria.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that I didn’t have malaria, just that it didn’t show up in the blood work.  Sound frustrating?

By Wednesday morning and not feeling any better, I headed to the hospital with my trusty nurse.  I was admitted and started on quinine.  Now for those of you who have never taken quinine before, a word of warning: Don’t take it unless necessary!  This medication is horrible.  The side effects are about as bad as the malaria.  I remained in the hospital over the next two days receiving medication.  The hospital ran more blood work and this time the malaria showed up.  This was a relief because at least we were treating the right disease.  Also, Tywonn was able to stay at the hospital with during the entire time.  What a blessing she was!

Yesterday, I was released from the hospital and sent home.  It was a great relief to get out of the hospital even though I miss the A/C.  I’m resting at home and going to be on the quinine until Wednesday.  Needless to say, there are two new bad words in the Davidson home: Malaria & Quinine.  I’ll post another blog in a few days about the things I learned while lying in a hospital bed.


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