10 Things I Learned While In A Hospital Bed

Here’s a few nuggets that I learned while spending a few nights in a Ghanaian hospital:

1.  Life in Ghanaian hospital isn’t all that bad.  I had a private room, A/C, and some semi attentive nurses.  Now, if I had a choice between a US hospital and Ghanaian hospital, I would choose a US hospital.  But I was pleasantly surprised.

2.  Its alright to see someone in the hospital and just sit with them. Heck, they might even enjoy it.  When I was lying in bed and friends came to visit, they were some of the more enjoyable times because it took my attention off of the sickness.

3.  Its alright to pray for someone while they’re in the hospital. I always thought that it was trite to pray for someone in the hospital.  Now I know that it is very meaningful and impactful.

4.  There should be a no standing rule for visitors. I found out that people standing around me made me feel even more helpless with me lying in bed.  Sitting evoked equality.

5.  Comfort foods differ from culture to culture. Comfort foods in the US while a person is sick is chicken noodle soup or crackers.  Comfort food in Ghana while a person is sick is rice and fish stew.  Luckily, I have wife who got me US comfort food.

6.  Sprite is a lifesaver! The quinine which cures the malaria also engenders nausea.  Sprite is the cure of all cures for nausea.  I’ve downed countless bottles of this soothing liquid.

7.  Air conditioning makes being sick a lot less painful. If you’ve ever been sick and had air conditioning, thank the good Lord that you had it.  It makes being sick a little more bearable.

8.  Malaria is horrible…especially for those who can’t afford a cure. Many many people across Africa get malaria multiple times per year all because they can’t afford the prophylaxis or the cure.  Pray for those who can provide a way to eliminate malaria or at least provide medicine.

9.  I’m not missing much by not watching T.V.  There was a television in my hospital room.  I turned it on a few times to find very little to watch.  Negativity and drama were rampant.  The only thing I miss on T.V currently is football:)

10.  Having a wife is great…especially when you’re sick. Tywonn gave me better care than I could have ever asked for.  Whenever I get better she will definitely get a treat.  I can’t say what that is because it would ruin the surprise.



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3 responses to “10 Things I Learned While In A Hospital Bed

  1. Jerry Murphy

    While I cannot colaborate on your first and eighth item I totally agree with the tenth and my wife is not even a nurse but oh so sweet.

    I thought it interesting they still use Quinine to treat Malaria as that is what they gave to my mother as a child but instead of Sprite they used coffee which at the young age of 81 she has not drank since.

  2. I think the reason they used quinine is because, the malaria treatment I was using was touching it at all.

  3. Jerry Murphy

    I’m reading that as the new treatment wasn’t having an effect so they went back to the old cure of Quinine.

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