5 Months Today

Many times as a missionary new people will come to the field, in our case Africa.  And then after some time has passed you realize that they been here one month or two month.  You say to yourself the age old phrase, “Wow, time flies!”

So, in many ways that is how I can tell how long we’ve been here.  It seems like we just arrived on some days, while on others, it seems like we’ve been here for years.  Our time in Ghana has been anything but boring.  There are too many events and people to list which have highlighted our journey.

We have only three months remaining in this unique African country before we head back to the U.S.  It would be easy to break out a calendar marking off those days until we return.  But I would rather leave the calendar in a drawer, savoring these last months with patience and pause.  Live in the moment, trying not to look forward.

Some upcoming events for us in Ghana are:

  • Tywonn has another medical outreach late this month.
  • I have a tentative trip planned to Benin in October to do counseling.
  • I have another trip planned to Nigeria in November to do a crisis management course.
  • We have some friends coming out from Florida in late November.

It might not sound like much, but rest assured these few events will fill up three months quickly.


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