Personal Need

Greetings from Ghana where the sun has come out very strong and hot!

We have a personal need we would like you to consider contributing towards.  It is about our passports.  Back in July, I needed to renew my visa which allows me remain in Ghana.  Now, both of us recently had to do it again.  But we were fined this time.  They change the rules and guidelines here so frequently our Ghanaian friends and colleagues even cannot keep up with them.  So we were required to pay $250 to stay in Ghana until December when we leave.  If you would like to take the opportunity to help us with this unexpected cost there are three ways:

  • Through Paypal.  Our account is under this email address:
  • Send a check to this address and it will be deposited into our bank: 4825 N. Galloway Rd.  Lakeland, FL 33810
  • Send a gift through Wycliffe with this account number: 200572 (Only through this way is your gift tax deductible)

We have some exciting news coming next week.  Continue to check our blog for weekly updates.

Alan & Tywonn


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