Why Bats Fly at Night

Bats flying at night around Accra

Bats flying at night around Accra

The other day I (Alan) was sitting outside with our day guard, Jaffa.  He is a character and by the far the most talkative of all our guards.  I’ll try and get a picture to post so you can see Jaffa for yourself.  Anyway, Jaffa told me the story of why bats fly at night.  It goes something like this:

One day there was a nest in a tree with a bird (Jaffa pronouces this bud) in it.  One day the bird fell out of the tree and hit the ground injuring himself.  So all the birds gathered asking if his family was around.  His family came, claimed him, and took him home.  Another day there was a bat in a tree.  The bat, like the bird, fell out of the tree hitting the ground and was injured.  Again the all the birds gathered to see if his family would come forth.  But when they looked at the bat, they noticed that it had fangs and tits (Jaffa’s words) like a dog.  They exclaimed that this was a dog not a bird.  So, all the birds left leaving the bat on the ground.  Soon, the bat became well enough to fly, but swore he would only fly at night when the birds were sleeping.

So, there ya have it.  Another mystery answered.  But really, I think it displays how Ghana is a shame based culture.  The  bat was shamed and held a grudge against the birds.  Thoughts?  What other countries are shame based?


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