Benin Bus Trip

This is a post dated blog.  I wrote this on Thursday night after arriving in Parakou, Cotonou.

Wednesday was an early day.  I mean really early.  Actually, I felt like I was back fishing with my Papa is how early it was.  I was up at 4:30am getting prepared to make an eight hour bus ride to Cotonou, Benin.

The drive began auspiciously enough as a person—my partner and I couldn’t tell if he was Ghanaian or Nigerian—began the trip with an animated, some might say, Pentecostal message and prayer blessing the trip to come.  It felt surreal to say the least.  Next came breakfast that consisted of fried chicken and rice.  These two things set the tone for what was an interesting trip.  The night concluded with a dinner on the beach in Cotonou with one of the best meals I’ve eaten since I’ve come to Africa.  It was phenomenal.

The next day began a little later, let’s say 5am to catch another bus that would eventually take us to Parakou, Benin.  This trip wasn’t as long, didn’t have a preacher begin the day with a message, nor did it include fried chicken and rice for breakfast; but by the end of the day, I was tired.  Tired from two days of long travel and hitting the ground running.  Once we arrived in Parakou, we were whisked off to our first counseling session.  It was in this and most counseling sessions I’ve had with missionaries, that confirms why we are here.  I am energized and fulfilled.

Our schedule continues to fill up.  And I’m off to bed.


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