Mercy Ships

IMG_2455On the way back down south from Parakou, we again stopped in Cotonou, like we did when we came into Benin.  This time we had a little more time to kill and had some friends who knew friends on the Mercy Ship docked in the Cotonou harbor.   (Its always nice to have friends of friends.  The adage about who you know might be more important in Africa.)  So, we made our way on over there to get the grand tour.  And a grand tour it was.

I felt like I was going through a bit of temporary culture shock as the ship was very nice from the operating room to the Starbucks cafe.  Wow!  They have about 15 Toyota Landcruisers (which is loaded onto the ship each time they move from port to port) sitting outside the ship for teams to go on village medical trips.  They currently have six surgeons on board who perform tons of surgery each day.

I wish Tywonn had been available to see it.  We are hoping that Tywonn might be able to take a break to make a trip there next year as it will be docked in Togo, which is right next to Ghana.  We’re on an amazing journey!  We’ll see…


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