Living on the Plateau


Rock formations on the Plateau

Written on November 8, 2009


I’ve been living on the Plateau of Nigeria for about a week and a half.  Nigeria is broken into states much like the U.S.  In fact, I looked at an old map that dated back to the 1940’s and saw that originally there were only a few states.  Now there are many states that work together to make Nigeria better.

One of the facilitators with whom I am working said one day that living in Nigeria is living the tropics.  Now, I’ve lived in Florida, which is sub-tropical, and been to the Caribbean a few times, which is tropical.  Nigeria’s climate this time of year more resembles Florida.  Actually, I think it is a mixture of Florida and Idaho, with its undulating hills, stacked boulders,  acres of African corn, and orange and palm trees.

Others aspects of living on the Plateau include loud bass filled music (I’m sure a Nigerian would say it wasn’t loud, but I’m still acquiring my Nigerian ears),  intermittent electricity, and sketchy internet.  One thing I am very happy about Nigeria is that the water problems are at a minimum and I’ve even had a couple of hot showers.


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