A Christian Apology

One of the mainstream Christian guys I’m a fan of is Shane Claiborne.  He is a part of a community in Philly called the Simple Way.  He also has a way of wording things so that they make sense, at least to me.  Here a recent article he wrote for Esquire apologizing to all those who have been hurt by Christians.  Enjoy!



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6 responses to “A Christian Apology

  1. Great article – Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jerry Murphy

    Shane is new to me but he has some great insight that we all should consider when doing as Jesus said and loving our neighbor. C.S. Lewis explains that it is hard when you consider that your neighbor includes your enemy.

  3. Alan, I too enjoyed the article, he is very plain spoken,which has a power of it’s own. Do you have any other links to his writing? In His Grip, Les

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