Three Weeks

I was watching the John Adam’s HBO miniseries while we were in Ghana.  (If you haven’t taken the time to check it out, do so.)  During one of the episodes, the character playing Thomas Jefferson was asked what he thought of Paris, France, since he was the U.S. delegate to France and had been living there a little while.  Jefferson replied that only when he returned to the U.S. (home) would he know how France had effected him.

We’ve been home a little over three weeks and I (Alan) am beginning to see how Africa has changed me.

  • It might sound trite to say this, but living in the U.S. is easy.  The infrastructure in the U.S. makes life pretty simple.
  • But…I’m even more careful to compare the suffering in the U.S. to the suffering in Africa.  We all suffer on one level or another.
  • Experiencing life with friends and family is something to be cherished.
  • There are many things I miss about Ghana, but maybe the biggest thing is the slow-paced nature of life.

With the new year upon us, we look forward with anticipation to the happenings ahead.  And we look forward to taking you with us on this crazy journey of ours.


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