Haitians Need Land? Huh?

Many of you remember I traveled to the beautiful country of Senegal last year.  I was in its capital, Dakkar, for about 10 days facilitating a workshop for expats.  It was a place that would be very nice to live in.

The president of Senegal has decided that he should offer some of this prime property to the poor Haitians who are doing everything they can to stay alive right now.  I do appreciate this gesture of kindness on the president’s part, but I have a healthy skepticism about its helpfulness.

Do ya’ll have any thoughts?



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2 responses to “Haitians Need Land? Huh?

  1. My thought is this: Have the people of Haiti been made aware of this generous offer? I have only seen a few articles about this and certainly not on the top of the news. How can we spread the word? I think they deserve the opportunity!h

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