Where’s Home?

This philosophical question is often asked among missionaries. Sometimes, people will say that home is where you lay your head. Others will refer to home as the place in which they live and work. Some will quip that home is where they came from. I (Alan) land in this category. So does Joyce Carol Oates, the famous novelist.

She writes a rather long piece in the Smithsonian about “home” and where it is. She asks this question as the last sentence in the article, Without Millersport and Lockport—would there be “Joyce Carol Oates”?

I ask the same question about Lakeland, FL, where I grew up.  I’m pretty sure I would be vastly different without Lakeland.

What do you think? Where is home for you?



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8 responses to “Where’s Home?

  1. This is always a hard one. Home for me is upstate New York. But I really want to make a new home for myself, an adult home, one that doesn’t replace but supplements the place where I grew up. I’ve moved around so much that it hasn’t happened yet! But it will.

  2. After 7 months in France – Jonah still asks when we are going to get to go home to Pleasant Hill Missouri. So I would have to say home is where you come from.

  3. Mandy Devine

    So seriously, for someone like me that has moved so much (19 times to date) and another probably coming soon, home could be difficult to define. I would say, however, that I think of home as where my family is (Keith, Ella, and I) – Mooresville at this point. Lincolnton is my hometown, because it is the place I was most connected in my younger years (living there, moving away, & moving back several times). It is the place I always seem to go back to, the place my parents and extended family live, the place I met my husband, the place his family lives, the place that is most comfortable and familiar. It is not however the most healthy and profitable place for me to be. So my life has definitely been shaped by my hometown, but it is no longer “home” to me – home is where my family is…home is about the most intimate connections in my life – my husband and child.

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