Many of you have given us suggestions on how to learn French before we head to French language school.  Well, we found another one that works great and is FREE.  Its called Livemocha.  If you have ever wanted to combine language learning and Facebook, this is the tool for you.  Check it out!!



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5 responses to “Livemocha

  1. thosewinklers

    Did I miss something? (Quite possible.) Are you moving to Francophone West Africa or?????

  2. hey,
    Please allow me to suggest another very cool language learning website that just came out! ( is a FREE language learning website combined with social networking where you can connect with native speakers and:

    LEARN a new language anytime, anywhere with online lessons that develop all the skills you need.

    TEACH other members your language and learn from native speakers by submitting exercises for them to review as well as providing feedback on their exercises.

    COMMUNICATE with native speakers through audio, video and text with our live Chat to practice the language and make friends all over the world!


    The quality of the lessons is guaranteed since they were developed in collaboration with ACTFL (The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), which is the largest association of language teachers and professionals.

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