Ongoing Effects of Malaria

Let me take you back to August of last year.  I was toiling away in Africa, pretty bored actually.  August was a very slow month.  I was helping with some revisions on a crisis workshop that was supposed to take place in September in Kenya.  My excitement was evident in that I was looking up places to eat and where I could buy some coffee while in Kenya.  I could smell Java House!

But then malaria attacked with a vengence.  I hospitalized for two nights and three days of mostly horrific pain and a-go-ny.  I have yet to find an illness that compares with malaria in terms of discomfort; and I hope I never do.

Shortly after getting out of the hospital, I started developing these scaly raised red spots all over my torso and some on my legs.  The old Ghanaian doctor told me quite confidently that I had ringworm.  I consulted with a few expat nurses whose faces wrinkled with skepticism when I told them my diagnosis.  Nonetheless, I used every medication I could get my hands on to kill Kofi (a good Ghanaian name) the ringworm.  None of the meds worked.

The dermatologist was one of the first medical appointments I made when we returned from Africa.  I thought I was going to stump him with this new fangled African skin disease.  Nope.  “What you have here is drop psoriasis,” said the doctor.  And he was good on his word, as the medicine he prescribed finished all the spots off in a day or two.

The cause of these spots: Stress, injury to the skin, and…malaria.

Ok fair enough.  I took care of that little bugger once and I just did again.  Done.  Right?  Maybe not…

Until about three weeks ago.  I started developing a rash on my upper leg which would not disappear.  It was as consistent as rain has been in Florida this winter.  The pain gradually increased until I could no longer walk.

I went to the doctor last week who put me on a round of antibiotics because he said I had cellulitis.  Cellulitis.  Really?  Cellulitis occurs to people with poor blood circulation and obese folks.

Causes of cellulitis: Open infected skin wound or…drop psoriasis, that reoccuring skin disorder I thought I had put behind me.

Now, I am on my second round of oral antibiotics.  The doctor said that if there is not improvement by tomorrow evening to find my way to the closest emergency room.

So, let’s review.  Mosquito…Malaria…Spot Psoriasis…Cellulitis.  Who knew one little lovable insect could cause so much fun!!

Please be praying us financially as I do all of this doctor stuff.



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9 responses to “Ongoing Effects of Malaria

  1. Natasha

    I am praying for your finances and your total healing. God is able. amen.

  2. Julie Burkhart

    Hi Alan, sorry to hear that. Here is a scripture for you Prov. 4:20-22. health to your flesh. I pray against any attacks of the enemy and speak health over your flesh and that God would give the doctors his wisdom. Shalom Julie

  3. Jason Shedd

    Sorry to hear all that. Timing definitely stinks. Just expect that healing is coming. Rebuke that cellulose in the name of Jesus.

  4. Brenda Davidson

    Hey Cousin Alan, I am very sorry about your health and all the problems you are having. My prayers and all of your followers, and god behind you, you can’t go wrong. It will workout in the long run, and some good will come out of it. As they say it happen for a reason, but a lot of times we don’t no what that is or when we do fine out for that reasons. But there is a reason for it. We may not like the reason or it is sad to no the reasons, but the best part is that god is with us. I don’t have a lot of money but you no we have you on our thoughts and prayers. Take care and keep up with the good deeds your doing and tell Tywonn I said, hi…. Get better!

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