Hospital Visit (Live Blogging)

Here I am sitting in a hospital gown no thicker than a piece of paper and said to myself, “Self, you should make this into a live blogging event.”  Think of it like the Truman Show, only its the Alan Show.

If, you’ve been following me on facebook, you’ll know most of this already.  But for those of you haven’t jumped into social networking, let’s recap.

  • 12:01a-Checked into the ER
  • 12:30a-Vitals taken
  • 2:30a-Taken back to the ER triage.
  • 3:30a-Saw doctor.
  • 4:00a-Doctor put me on IV antibiotics and said that he was going to admit me.
  • 5:00a-Wheeled into a cozy sterile room of my very own.
  • 9:00a -Awoken by a floor doctor, who thought I should stay in the hospital three days and have surgery to boot.  (We’ll see if we can knock his expectations down a notch, or two, or three.)
  • 10:30a-My nurse in shining armor came to see me.
  • 11:30a-My nurse in shining armor left me to go to work.

So, it looks like I’m on my own for the rest of the day.

I’ll leave you with this thought: If medicine has advanced to the degree that it can heal major illnesses, why, O, why can’t someone develop a hospital gown that is user friendly and is thicker than a piece of paper?



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2 responses to “Hospital Visit (Live Blogging)

  1. Patrick Hatcher

    Make sure you score some hospital jello! It wouldn’t be complete without it!

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