Hospital Visit Update (4:20EST)

Coming back at you from my stark hospital room, where beeping and squeaky wheels take the place of birds and palm trees.

Finished my CAT scan.  They teased me in there by having palm trees and beaches painted on the ceiling.  Jokers!

Hoping to get the results tomorrow morning…



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4 responses to “Hospital Visit Update (4:20EST)

  1. Lynne Paulus

    Alan and Tywonn! Wow, what a rollercoaster ride of medical misery! We will be praying for your full healing Alan, for the provisions to cover the costs and for sanity for you both to deal.

  2. I really hope we can catch up next week when we are down, even if that means us coming by your hospital room. You guys are my Heroes!

    • Jason-If I’m still in the hospital when ya’ll get here, something will have gone drastically wrong. I plan on eating eggs and grits with ya’ll in Florida very soon!!

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