Discovering Your Fit in Your Work

I’m a huge football fan. When football is in full swing, I’ll usually watch football five out of the seven days a week, to my wife’s chagrin.  The culmination of the professional football season is the Super Bowl; and this year’s champion was the New Orleans Saints.  One of the stars on the Saints is running back Reggie Bush.

Bush, by football standards, is an atypical running back.  He is smaller and quicker than most running backs.  However, the Saints have developed a system in which Bush thrives. He thrives so much, in fact, that he wants $10 million dollars in his upcoming contract; and he’s worth it in the Saints’ system.

But what if Bush signed with the Chicago Bears?  Would he be worth $10 million dollars or only $2 million dollars?  The Bears don’t have the same system as the Saints and would be forced to use Bush differently, thus lowering his value. Bush is the same running back in both systems, but the system determines his value.

Many missionaries are like Bush in that in one position or job his or her value greatly increases, while in another position his or her value is compromised. Sometimes missionaries reach the field realizing that the system they chose to be in or the system that was chosen for them either increased or decreased their value.

All of us whether we are missionaries or not have struggled with fit. We all have worked in a job where we feel less than useful and feel worthless.  A system that instead of drawing on our strengths attempts to build on our weaknesses.  Donald Miller talks about fit in a recent blog post, although in a different light.

Becoming a skilled worker is vital.  But discovering a system that builds upon your strengths, I would argue, is more important.

Have you struggled with fit?  Do you think fit is more important than skill?


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