Two Big Questions

Just checking in here.  We’ve gotten two big questions over the past weeks: What are ya’ll doing now and when are you going back to Africa?

For the first question, we are staying busy!!  We just returned from taking a small vacation and visiting some partners in ministry in North Carolina.  Both were fantastic!  I am continuing in my missionary role, counseling Wycliffe missionaries who are home on furlough or who are stationed in the United States.  You wouldn’t believe how many missionaries live in the U.S. and make brief trips abroad.  Also, there are numerous other missionary agencies in the Orlando area that contact us for counseling.  Tywonn is working at a local hospital in Orlando because our missionary income was designed for Africa and not Orlando.  Tywonn is also able to keep her nursing skills current working at the hospital.

Now the second question is a little more difficult to answer.  We hope to make a decision about when and if we are returning to Africa in June or July.  At that time, we will email all of you about that decision and its impact on our future.

Thanks for keeping up with us on this journey!


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