Does God Specifically Call Us?

I’ve been thinking lately.  I know, it can be a scary thought.  Is God involved in our every day activities or is He more of a macromanager?

Donald Miller brings this question to mind as it refers to calling. I, along with many of you, have been led to believe that God has a specific calling for each of us.  That God is sitting up there wondering if we’re ever going to find that distinct and unique task or job.  Miller posits that the Bible does not support this kind of thinking.  In fact, Miller goes so far as to say that probably 1 out of 100 people in Scripture have a specific calling. That’s 1% for all you nascent mathematicians.

Miller goes on to talk about how God has given us a box of crayons and has told us to draw, giving us the freedom to draw whatever we like.  This in one way is anxiety provoking because I have felt drawn to one thing for about ten years.  But on the other hand, I wonder what life would look like if life was a blank piece of paper.

Where do you fall on the spectrum?  Do you see life a blank piece of paper or as a map? Is God a micromanager or a macromanager?


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