Spare Change

This past weekend Tywonn and I celebrated eight years of marriage.  Its not all been fun and games, but through the hard times we have grown closer than I ever thought we would.  And now, eight years in, I wouldn’t exchange her for anything.

We gave some thought to how we would commemorate this anniversary a few months ago.  Although we didn’t know exactly what we wanted to do, we started to save all of our spare change in order to pay for the extravaganza.  In just a few months, we ended up with $88.

A few months ago, one of our larger supporting churches decided to change directions in its missions’ program.  We lost $500 per month because of this decision.

So, like us saving change in order to remember our anniversary, we need you to save some of your change for us.  We’re fully aware of the financial climate of the U.S., and realize that many of you only have change to give.

Follow this link to give through Wycliffe (Acct #200572).  Or you can give directly through Paypal (missionalan at yahoo dot com).

Change can make a difference!


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