Watching The Little Ones

Tywonn posts another story about her time in Ghana.  Just to let you know that I think the most impressive thing about this post is that she wrote it entirely on her ipod touch.  Steve Jobs ought to give her a job!

These kids amaze me! For the most part I’m referring to the 9 or so that live in the baby house. Most of them are 3 and under. When they sit at the table in their highchairs, they cannot start eating until they are given permission. Although the food is set in front of them, a few preparations have to be made first. The bibs have to be put on, the food stirred, and sometimes some extra protein added before the child can eat. The children sit quietly and patiently, not grabbing the bowl or digging in as I’d expect. Likewise, the children over 1 year old are in the process of being potty trained. When it is their turn to go to the bathroom, they are set on the portable kiddie toilet. Sometimes they have to sit there for 30 minutes before they go, and quite impressively, they actually stay sitting most of the time.

They’ve also displayed their awareness of others. There were multiple children in the babyhouse at the time. The housemother was busy with one of the children when I suddenly heard one of the toddlers screaming “mama, mama” quite frantically. I looked up to see this child simultaneously pointing at another kid trying to escape out the door. Today, I gave the babies pieces of a street food that I bought. It resembled a doughnut, but without the glaze. Breaking off pieces Of the bread, I gave each child some, with the exception of the 2 youngest. I made a move away from the children and then saw them all point to the 2 babies who had not recieved a snack. They were reminding me not to forget anyone. I typically think of children this small as only being self-aware. Quite impressive.




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5 responses to “Watching The Little Ones

  1. SO sweet! It’s amazing that we have “all” the answers and go to different parts of the world to implement our ways and ideas only to find theirs are better. I have no patience when it comes to food and hunger, yet these toddlers (practically babies) have the patience to wait. Very impressive!

  2. John B. Strup

    How cool is it to work with such incredible children who are very attentive and aware of their
    surroundings. Not to mention well behaved.
    I know if I sat on the toilet for as long as they do
    someone oughta get a pry bar to get me back on my
    feet! (Lol!) I also liked that kid who “Ratted” on his fellow “Inmate” for trying to escape justice.
    I hope they keep better track of who is thinking
    of trying to escape again.
    Well you take care and keep them children happy!
    God Bless and Smile!
    John Strup

  3. Dear Tywonn,
    You are such an observant person to those seemingly insignificant events in the lives of little ones.

  4. mom

    Tywonn, I always knew God had a place for you in this big World. When you talk about your story Tywonn I think of you as a child. You always wanted to share your toys and food. You are always giving and very thoughtful. You are one of the most beautiful gifts that I had received. I’m thinking of you lots! Love you, Mom

  5. Andrea, I completely agree. John, you make me laugh. Alvie, I like noticing the small stuff. Mom, it’s funny you say that, because I’ve been thinking about my childhood lately, too. You always seemed to have an endless amount of patience with me. That’s quite a feat when faced with the endless challenges of raising a child.

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