Needs in The Dominican Republic

Some people before we went to the Dominican Republic and since we have returned have asked about the needs so that they could either pray about them or actively participate in making the needs a reality. Here are some needs that I saw:

  • Sponsors for the children—This still remains that central focus for New Missions.
  • Medical Supplies—The nice new clinic has copious amounts of space and needs medical supplies from aspirin to gauze. They can’t take any out of date medicine, but everything else is fair game.
  • People—What’s better than giving? Going, of course. There are a few missionaries doing the work of many. Take from the missionary counselor: this makes for short-term burnt out missionaries.

Now as for John, Melissa, and Kate, they need stuff, too. Here are some things that I saw they might need or want:

  • Continued financial and prayer support. This is always the lifeline of any missionary.
  • American amenities such as Crystal Light single serving packets, butter, chips, granola bars, etc… Just think about what you would miss if you were in their shoes.

All of these things can be gotten to either New Missions or The Hanleys. If you would like to give to either of these causes, please make the monetary donations to New Missions. Otherwise, give us the other things and we will see to it that it gets in the hands of the appropriate people.



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2 responses to “Needs in The Dominican Republic

  1. Alvie L. Davidson CG

    Good morning Alan,
    Just read all the postings about DR. How is the work availability in DR for able bodied males and females? Is it the situation of giving a man a fish vs teaching a man to fish? I am in complete agreement with the needs of the missionary and family for they must be provided for while doing what they are sent to do.
    Good report from your blog.

  2. The Hanley Family

    A quick response from John.

    There is the availability to work, which has required some differences in the way New Missions operates in the DR as compared to Haiti. People are able to work and with some effort are able to provide for the daily needs of their families. However, it is when unexpected things like medical expenses occur that causes people to choose between food or medical care which causes simple illness to progress. It is the goal of the health center to provide preventative medicine primarily instead of acute medical care. We want to impower the people.

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